Thursday, September 1, 2011

Long time No see!

Just in case I still have any followers out there, I wanted to say hello! Although I haven't written in ages I have still been a faithful follower, scout's honor! I always thoroughly enjoy reading about all of your delicious food and recipes, fun events, races and killer workouts. You all never fail to motivate and inspire me!

So, whats been up in my world? A. Lot. For starters, the usual school and work. I'm still chipping away at my classes (with stellar grades might I add!) and am beyond excited to finish this darn degree, still on the same track to finish in December or January. Work is busier than ever, which is a good thing because busy workdays make the time fly! I'm waist-deep in Maid of Honor duties. As a matter of fact I am throwing a bridal shower for the sister this Sunday and I couldn't be more excited! I've purchased some adorable table decorations, we have some fabulously delicious snacks and I'm working on an embarrassing, but fun game to play.

In other news, my running plan has had a few kinks thrown in it but I swear I am bouncing back better than ever. I even mailed off my registration form for my first ever half marathon this morning and I am totally stoked! Mark your calendars- December 11th...hopefully I'll make it out alive. But if you don't see any posts from me after'll know why. Just kidding, I'm totally gonna rock it. The "kinks" that I mentioned earlier though- I had to get my wisdom teeth extracted, all 4 at the same time, all were impacted and EXTREMELY painful. Needless to say that took some time to recover from. I couldn't run for the longest time without ridiculous throbbing in my head. I decided it wasn't worth it to push through and took a little hiatus. I also had a minor mishap on the boat which caused me to not really be able to put a lot of pressure on my right for for a bit (we won't get into that though because it still makes me angry to think about). But now I'm back and ready to roll! I've also decided that I am going to follow the "no running 2 days in a row" rule. Every other day suits me just fine. Pretty sure that the last time I decided to train for a half/marathon I injured myself due to over-training. I want to make sure that doesn't happen this time, so I'm really trying to stick to a plan- even though I definitely consider myself a no-plan kind of girl. Cross-training and throwing in some rest days sound ideal to me!

Anyways, I know this was a brief update, but I really, really miss blogging so I am going to make an honest attempt to get back in the habit! Hope everyone is well and I'll be back soon!

Ta Ta for now!