Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I would just like to announce that IT'S WEDNESDAY!!!

Not only does that mean we are one day closer to the weekend, but it also means that tomorrow night the Scottster and I fly outta here for Missouri! Yay for visiting family, and Yay again for a 3.5 day work week!

Remember how I mentioned like a million years ago when I last posted that my mom has started a Couch to 5K plan? Well, I was thinking about it and while it is awesome that she is doing this, considering she has NEVER ran in her entire life...I thought, how much cooler would it be if she did a Couch to MARATHON plan???? Running your first marathon at 44? That'd be pretty awesome. I had already been tossing around the idea of making Rock N Roll St. Louis my first one...plenty of time to train since the race isn't until October 23. And then I thought, how freaking sweet would it be if my mom and I ran our first marathons together? I think I'm getting all these crazy ideas in my head thanks to the Boston marathon. Although I know I will probably NEVER EVER come close to qualifying for Boston, I'd still love to be in that 1% of the human population that can say they've completed 26.2. 

Anyways...she hasn't agreed to it yet, but she told me she would think about it and we could discuss it more this weekend while I'm there...yay! What's more fun than talking about running? 

My plan right now is to follow the 16-week training plan found at Marathon Rookie. Looks easy enough to follow--ok, maybe I should refrain from using the word "easy" in a statement about marathon training, but I think it looks do-able. And I'm actually really excited to get started! But seriously...who runs a marathon in 2:03? That guy must be part super hero.

Not sure what the plan for the gym is today- either cross training or treadmill, I can't make up my mind yet. I guess I'll just go with the flow and do whatever I feel like at the time. Tomorrow is a running day, and so are Friday and Saturday. It may sound like a lot of days in a row, but I'm still in the low mileage stage, so it's not too strenuous. 

Totally changing the subject- we bought a new BBQ grill and it has completely transformed my life for the better. When we were living in our condo we couldn't really have a grill because we didn't have a place for it. I guess we could have had one of those miniature ones to put on the lanai, but it would've just been a big mess and probably filled the whole place up with smoke. Anyways, now that we have a yard and the perfect spot for the ginormous thing- I couldn't be happier. You see, I don't know how to grill, or really even how to turn the darn thing on. So, Scotty has been doing mucho cooking here lately and it is FABULOUS! I'm still in charge of the side dishes, but anything that I can pass off to him I'll gladly oblige. He's made some delicious burgers, brats (my fav.), salmon, mahi mahi (gross!) and chicken. Healthy food and less work for me equals happiness!

I'm off to get some stuff done and then outta here to the gym...Have a fabulous Wednesday!

Ta ta!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lovin' Life

I don't know what has gotten into me, but I am liking it! The class I am currently enrolled in is kickin' butt, which is something I am totally not used to with this school. I feel like I'm actually learning and it feels good for a change. My workouts have been rocking. Work is going great. The home life is awesome. exactly 9 days Scotty and I will be flying up north to see the fams! Super, super excited. Even more exciting news- My mom has recently started a couch to 5K. Music to my ears when she told me that. So I of course told her I would train with her while I'm there next week! Won't be much running involved since she just started, but any chance for a work out buddy and I'm there!

Another exciting thing going on- this coming weekend we might get to go skiing! This makes me particularly happy because Scotty and I both love skiing and we usually only get to do so once a year when we head up north in the summer for our annual Kentucky Lake vacation trip. We do have a boat, but it is definitely not a ski boat. Your arms would probably literally be ripped from the sockets if you tried to ski behind that thing. So, I'm thrilled that one of our friends is planning on taking his boat out (and us along with it!) to do a little skiing. The one thing that worries me is that we will be skiing on the Caloosahatchee River...which leads into the gulf...which means that 2 things could be living in there- 1. Sharks! 2. Alligators (because it is pretty far up river). An encounter with either of those is very unlikely in the area we will be in, but there's still that slim chance...Eek!

Well, I am off to finish off this work day and then to kick my own rear end in the gym. Can't wait for dinner tonight...maybe I'll remember to take a picture because it's gonna be mighty tasty!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Woman on a mission

So...I know I have been MIA in the last little bit. Basically I've just been one busy girl. School is going amazing right now though, and I dare I say that I might be enjoying it a tad? I think so. My workouts have been kicking serious boo-tay as well. Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time on the stair mill and 10 minutes on the elliptical before heading home to do some strictly lower-body pilates/toning exercises, crunches and then heading out on a 1.5 mile sprint with my Scotty boy and then another 1.5 mile walk with the pup. Today is spin class (love these days), a little more elliptical, and then another short sprint-a-thon before dinner. I've got a 5K (this is a major competition with my #1 boy) coming up in May and I have to find a way to win. As we stand now, he's going to kill me. I know I'm working just as hard as he is and it just isn't fair that his legs are soooooo much longer than mine and that is proving to be a major advantage for him (disadvantage for me!). I will find a way to win though...losing is just not an option. I won last year, but let's face it, he did not prepare for it at all.

It's only Wednesday but I'm already planning for and getting excited about the weekend. Friday night we are........babysitting! Scary huh? It wouldn't be scary at all if it was just for 1 kid, maybe even 2, but it's for 3! Count 8 year old, a 6 year old and a 3 year old. We've done it before no biggie, but this is probably going to be an over-nighter. I am already having anxiety attacks about how they are going to trash my house and leave everything snotty and sticky. So this is the plan...grill hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner (which will be eaten outside on the patio), rent Despicable Me and hope they fall asleep watching it at like 9:00. I know it sounds like I am totally dreading it, but truth is they are amazing kids...they can just be a little tough to handle all together! So...mad props to all of you moms out there (especially those of you that have more than 1!).

Saturday we are doing some much needed yard work and just laying low, probably recovering from babysitting and then that night the plan is to make a nice dinner at home and head to the theater to watch "Arthur". I don't know why, but ever since Russell Brand married Katy Perry, I like him so much more. I found him just really gross pre-Katy, but I think my love for her is starting to rub off on him too. Plus I just think it looks like a pretty funny movie.

Sunday will most definitely be my favorite day of the weekend though because it's boating day! The weather is shaping up for a perfect day on the water and I can't wait! I'm also thrilled that in just a little over 2 weeks we'll be heading up north to see our families! Kind of dreading the flight though...thank you Southwest Airlines. Luckily, I think, we chose USA3000 this time. I'm hoping that the weather in Missouri will have settled into Spring by then!

Hope you all are having mah-volous weeks so far and that it continues through the weekend!

Ta ta!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday is supposed to be fun...

So why in the world would I volunteer to let Scotty kick my rear end in the gym today?? 

Still trying to figure that one out.

I have less than 2 hours left sitting at this desk and then I'm outta here...going to die at the gym, eat some dinner, do a little school stuff, maybe watch a movie and then hit the sack. It feels like it's been such a long week and I'm not really sure why that is. Anywho- tomorrow is spinning class in the AM, which I'm hoping to make it to, depending on how sore I am after today's lovely routine in the weight room. More school work is on the agenda for tomorrow...then Sunday is boating day! Woot woot! Can't wait. We're going to be having some AWESOME weather and there is only one thing to do on those kind of days, boat. 

Sorry for another ridiculously short and rather boring post, but I think I'm in a blogging, help! Get me out of this funk! I'm sure a little weekend relaxation will be just the cure!

Ta ta!