Friday, June 10, 2011

Everyone has a bad day...right?

So, by the time I made it home from work around 2:00, I decided to nix the gym. I left work at 12:30 but made a pit stop at the Tropical Smoothie Cafe for a mid day snack- a Hawaiian Breeze smoothie, blended with Splenda and whey protein= delish! I also nabbed a Peanut Paradise smoothie, blended with banana, peanut butter and whey protein for the Scottster and surprised him at work. I think he was happy :)

Back to the workout- I was in the mood to run, I really was. And although it was 95 degrees and probably like 105 with the humidity, I decided to give it a go......Worst.Idea.Ever. I had to cut even my "short run" short, not good. I ended up doing a little less than 3 miles, not good enough. But I was beginning to feel dizzy and shaky and I was still a good mile and half from home, cell phone-less as well, so I decided to take it easy and walk just to make sure someone wouldn't have to call an ambulance for the passed out girl on the side of the road. 
What? You don't think the "I'm about to have a heat stroke" look works for me? Me either.

Lesson learned: never run outside during the hottest part of the day again. 

Another downer- I took off my shoes to find this:
Sorry for the graphic picture, but don't worry, I also texted it to my Mom and grossed her out as well. Not sure what's up with this, but I have one in the same spot on the other foot as well and on the end of my second toe! And I wear good socks...any advice? It's pretty friggin' painful.

Admittedly, I was disgusted with myself and I knew that I wanted to get a better workout in than that today. So, I came inside and downed like 50 ounces of water and did some upper body strength training. Followed by a ridiculously long walk, like 6 miles, which would have been beyond boring but I talked to my grandma (aka Mimi) for a long time because today is her 68th birthday and then Scotty joined me for the last couple miles. So, all in all, not a complete failure. 

Now I guess it is time to get these stinky clothes off and get ready for my hot date with this guy:
To the movies we bad you can't take dogs to the movies. How cool would that be?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the weekend!


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  1. Ouch, that blister looks painful! Hope it heals up quickly!