Friday, June 10, 2011

I am alive, I swear

Hola friends! I've been beyond slacking on the blog front. Not to worry though, although I haven't been posting myself, I've still been a dedicated reader! Reading blogs is one of the best parts of my mornings. You all inspire me with your hardcore workout posts and drool-worthy food pics!

I won't spend toooooo much time updating you on what's been going on in my world, but here are some of the highlights:

1- If I do say so myself,  my classes are kicking butt. I think I've made A's in the last 4 and I'm not slowing down until it's over! I'm on track to finally finish this degree off at the end of the year! That just might be the best day of my life!
2- My sister is getting married! As a matter of fact, Scott and I are flying up to visit our families and we will be wedding dress shopping next Saturday! How exciting is that?
3- Lots of pool time, beach, boating and general fun in the Florida sunshine!
4- Half training is kicking my boot-ay, but I'm learning to love it. It's really hard to find the time to fit it in on somedays but I'm going to continue to try and make it work because this is something that I really want to do...hopefully a full is in my future at some point as well!
5- Enjoying lots of delicious summer foods: smoothies, grilled veggies, salads and I think that broccoli slaw might just be my new best friend.

My office practices "summer hours", which means that Monday through Friday we work 9 hour days in order to only work a half day on Friday. This makes for one happy girl on Fridays! Today I'll be leaving at 12:30 and hitting the gym for some light cardio and upper body strength training, then it's home for a quick run outside and a little walk with the pooch. Tonight we have big exciting plans to go watch the new X-Men movie...but the real fun starts tomorrow (sarcasm). We will be putting insulation in our attic! Fun, fun! The joys of being a homeowner and the joys of having an electric bill that is through the roof! Enough complaining- I love being a homeowner and today is going to be a great day! 

Have a FABULOUS weekend!


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